2. 20:21 2nd Mar 2014

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    INFJ Confession #424


    I want people to come to me, but even when they do, I usually retreat back into my bubble anyway. It perpetuates loneliness, but it also perpetuates safety. Working out what to do about this is often exhausting.

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    I feel like the picture of Death in a straw hat and overall is right from some sort of Gothic Mid-Western painting, but it’s just so damn sincere  and funny.

    …In other news Mrs Cake is awesome. (At least someone has an inkling of what’s going on).

    American Gothic? By Grant Wood

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This is perfect.
  8. INFJ Confession #461


    I’ve always been picky with how much I share about myself with close friends, but it seems like my these few friends all get separate versions of me because of it. So I end up juggling different aspects of myself while closing off so much more. Sometimes I’m afraid that even if I ever find someone special someday, I won’t have the confidence to let them get to know the “real” me.

  9. INFJ Confession #473


    I do nice things because doing them makes me happy, I don’t expect anything in return but I’d at least appreciate having someone being there for me when I’m sad rather than being completely ignored.

  10. Things my mother has implicitly or explictly criticized me for since coming home four days ago:

    • taking 200 classes, despite the grad students in half of them and my attempts to explain how screwed up our numbering system is
    • having to pay for me to take “too many Chinese classes,” despite that being part of my major 
    • taking the exceedingly long period of a year and a half to finish the Core, despite the fact that most people two 2-3 years to finish it up
    • not applying for the internships SHE wants me to apply for
    • still being on my antidepressants

    And she wonders why we paid so much for therapy.